Hannover, Germany – An academic conference took place in the University of Hannover, discussing the issues of extremism in society that exist in the name of religion. It was conducted by Religious Scholar and Theologist, Prof. Dr. Peter Antes, Professor of Sociology, Dr. Dawud Gholamasad, and Jurist-Scholar and Human Rights Activist, Dr. Seyed Azmayesh. The academics and researchers provided historical, theological, social and cultural perspectives to the conference. The aim of the event was to identify the roots of extremism, and distinctly separate it from the religious connotation that is often attributed to it. Such discussions will aid in making society more aware about the true face of social issues, as well as the true image of religions such as Islam – with the two often being falsely linked together, causing social intolerance, ignorance and hate-crimes.

Interviews with Prof. Dr. Antes and Prof. Dr. Gholamasad:  

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