Today, on the 11th February, exactly 33 days has passed since the catastrophe of the Boeing 737 incident occurred, where Ukranian Airline, Flight 752 was deliberately targeted and shot down by missile attacks in the airspace of Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport, launched by the Revolutionary Guards forces, leading to the deaths of one hundred and seventy-six innocent passengers on board this flight.

An overview of the last 33 days can be divided into two distinct periods: The three-day course of lies and denial by the Iranian Officials, followed by the 30-day course of deception and time wasting.

During the first three days, all Iranian officials, particularly the head of Iran’s aviation organisation denied the the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ shooting down of the aircraft. However, the release of numerous videos since the incident, has put a stop in the denial and lies of the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Since then, they have been hiding the secrets behind this tragedy such as avoiding to hand over the aircraft black box to the appropriate authorities, and have resorted to ways of deceiving and tricking the public on this matter.

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights points out that the lack of clarity and accountability for this tragedy caused by the Iranian authorities clearly demonstrates their disregard for human life, and increases the likelihood that a tragedy like this will recur in the near future.

It is reminded that since the Islamic Republic of Iran was identified to be solely responsible for this governmental crime, no officials from the regime have yet claimed any responsibility and accountability for the disaster, and no steps have been taken in order to provide clarity on the situation and compensation to those who have been affected.

33 days since the incident, the Iranian authorities not only refuse to hand over the black box of the airline which was shot down by missile attacks, they have also interrogated and prosecuted many Iranian journalists for reporting on this tragedy.

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights would like to draw the attention of the international community to the important fact that preventing the delivery of the plane’s black box to the relevant authorities, and meanwhile, putting pressure on journalists and reporters, are two tactics of one strategy adopted by the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in an attempt to cover up a very important truth that is hidden behind this organised crime. Failure to address this, will soon lead to a new disaster.

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights, calls on the democratic governments, human rights organisations, international organisations and unions, and the freedom-seeking people of the world to put pressure on the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran to undertake responsible behaviours, and comply with international laws and standards.

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights would also like to draw the attention of the European Union agencies’ subsidiary organisations, in particular the European Commission, to the very important point that the continued and extensive trades and diplomatic relations of the members of this alliance with the rulers of Tehran, has led to more suffering for the people and other countries of the Middle East, and has also resulted in an increased risk for other nationals of the world, ultimately endangering world peace and security.

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