On 16th March 2020 IOPHR sent an open letter to Mrs Kristalina Georgieva, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund:

Dear Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva,

As you are no doubt aware, many Iranian citizens have been infected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and according to the news published by the Head of Iranian Central Bank, the Iranian government will be applying for approximately five billion dollars credit-line, in order to deal with this pandemic. In this regard, IOPHR would like to draw your attention to the following important points:

  1. The official governmental structure in Iran, is only an ‘External Face’ of the Iranian regime, and its real purpose is to deceive the International system, as in reality it does not have any role in the main strategic decision-making in Iran. The Iranian regime’s strategic decision making system operates through the use of a series of dual executive bodies like its two main military bodies (the Army and the Iranian revolutionary guards -IRGC), two main intelligence services, two official policy bodies and two banks and monetary systems. While, the bodies and organisations who act in decision-making capacity, are not under the control of the official government and subsequently cannot be influenced by the international control mechanisms. As they only obey the supreme leader of country, who is officially exempt from any legal responsibility and accountability. This implies that the international system, is always dealing with the so called ‘official bodies’ that have no real authority. For example, organisations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Health are only ‘shadow bodies’, while the bodies like the Quds Force and the IRGC effectively run the country.  That’s why, as you are no doubt aware, since 21st February 2020, Iran together with North Korea are the only two remaining countries on the FATF blacklist.
  2. The officials of the ruling regime in Iran are legally responsible for the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Iran. They were aware of the first cases of infection as early as 10th January, but they chose to conceal this fact, in order to hold celebration ceremonies for the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, on 11th February. The regime, did not even postpone the Parliamentary elections of 21st February. Holding these two public events, was no doubt responsible for further spreading of the virus, which has infected thousands of Iran citizens.
  3. The Iranian government does not even care enough to implement the directives of Wold Health Organisation (WHO) such as social distancing, or placing affected people in quarantine. And even now, many religious and political gathering are being held and the so-called holy sites remain open.
  4. The Iranian government is also not truthful concerning the information on the numbers of infected persons and fatalities caused by the outbreak. All of which are very necessary, for trying to contain the virus. Furthermore, while the Iranian officials claim only hundreds of deaths as result of the virus, according to many verifiable reports, mass graves have already been dug in dozens of cities across the country, and people who report on these mass burials are routinely arrested for reporting these facts.
  5. The regime of Iran has already received huge amounts of aid from the European Union, Azerbaijan, Japan and China, yet there are still shortages of basic health supplies such as masks, gloves and disinfectants, all the while Iran is itself, a large producer of these products. Meanwhile, according to authentic reports, this same equipment that is urgently needed by the Iranian citizens are delivered in large quantities to Iranian proxy guerrilla forces in countries such as Iraq. This is because, as the officials of the regime have already pointed out several times, their proxies in the region are their primary priority and they will never stop supporting them even during the severest of circumstances. Therefore, it’s clear that each dollar that is given to the Iranian regime, will be injected to its ‘Hatred Spreading Machine’, which will only result in more hostility, fatality and instability in the Middle East.

Given the above points, IOPHR requests that no actual funds be paid to the Iranian government, but instead the targeted funds, should be used to purchase much needed health supplies and equipment, which are then directly delivered to Iranian hospitals and citizens, which are under the control of international NGOs such as ‘Doctors Without Borders’. As the Iranian governmental structure is so corrupt, that the medical equipment supplied to them, will in all likelihood end up in the black markets and not go to those who need it most. As evidenced by the images of the recent European aid sent to Iran to combat Coronavirus, which are being openly sold in the black markets!

IOPHR further believes that disregarding the above points, can potentially result in a “Human Catastrophe” in Iran.


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