IOPHR participated at the weekly International Religious Freedom roundtable today, where Hamid Gharagozloo first spoke of a number of positive developments in Iran, before moving onto the more serious and disturbing issues.

“The positive news is that the corrupt government of Lebanon collapsed after only a few days of mass protests. In Beirut, we witness the demands for bringing Hassan Nasrollah and all of the Hezbollah leaders to justice, and the demands to end this terrorist organization which is the creation of Khamenei himself.

Khamenei and his regime are facing defeats and strategic setbacks in Lebanon, Iraq, and the whole region on a daily basis.

This is all due to President Trump’s policies and the amazing work of his administration. Secretary Pompeo, Representative Hook, Ambassador Brownback and USCIRF have played an instrumental role in confronting Khamenei’s terrorist regime and exposing its heinous atrocities and crimes against humanity.

The sever sanctions imposed against Khamenei and his regime is the primary reason that has given hope to people in Lebanon and Iraq to rise up. The financial lifeline to Khamenei’s terrorist groups has been cut off and as a result, both the occupying regime in Iran and its terrorist proxies are at their weakest in decades.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that all of these accomplishments have been brilliantly achieved without engaging the U.S. in a costly war.

In Iran, protests and civil disobedience are spreading all over the county in a much more organized and persistent manner. Workers and union members from all levels of industry and trade groups are protesting and demanding fundamental change. Even on national TV and in the parliament itself, people from within the regime have started criticizing the massive and prevailing corruption reaching to the highest levels of the government and Khamenei himself.

However, Khameniei has made statements which are concerning. Hassan Nasrollah and Hezbollah’s top brass have fled to Iran. Most certainly Hezbollah and IRGC are working on plans to reclaim Lebanon, which means more violence, more killings and increased amount of acts of terrorism.

In Iran, the regime is getting more and more desperate daily, and consequently more and more radical and dangerous. The number of arrests and death sentences issued have spiked dramatically in the past few months. They even have started issuing death sentences for existing prisoners whose initial judgement was only a prison sentence.

Just a few days ago, 9 of the 12 arrested Sunnis received death sentences and 45 years of prison terms for the other 3.

Although the countdown to this regime’s end has started, unfortunately it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Finally, I would like to thank Ambassador Brownback and USCIRF for their support and instrumental role in our efforts.”

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Ambassador at Large Sam Brownback and Hamid Gharagozloo
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