According to reports, Mr. Amir Labbaf, an Iranian asylum seeker based in the Sadr camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been on a hunger strike since the 28th March in order to protest the lack of security and medical care inside the Sadr camp.

Mr Labbaf, who is an official spokesperson for refugees in the camp, has highlighted the criminal activities that are taking place inside the refugee camp against him and other vulnerable refugees in the camp.

As a result of Mr Labbaf’s hunger strike, there has been some implementations in the camp which has cut-off the connection between a small number of criminals who are disguised as asylum seekers infiltrated into the camp, with the criminal groups outside of the camp. Consequently, Mr Labbaf’s life has been threatened by the members of these criminal groups
inside of the camp.

IOPHR once again draws the attention of the Bosnian authorities to the need to take further security measures to protect the life of Mr. Amir Labbaf, and urges them to identify those responsible for these threats, and provide the necessary security measures for Mr Labbaf by moving Mr Labbaf to a private and secure location.

In this regard, the IOPHR reiterates that the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible for protecting the life and security of Mr. Amir Labbaf. Moreover, the responsibility for any unfortunate incident that may befall Mr. Amir Labbaf whilst in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will lie with the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights

London, Brussels, Berlin, Toronto, Washington

2 April 2021

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