The International Organisation to preserve Human Rights (IOPHR), warns all security agencies in Europe, especially in France about the activities of Iranian regime’s agents.

Following the success of the educational, and anti-superstitious teachings of the prominent Religious scholar, Islamologist and jurist, Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh, on various social media platforms, there have been number of recent public threats against his life, published online by security agents of the Iranian regime.

Consequently, the IOPHR, urges all European security agencies, especially those in France, to significantly increase their security measures in this regard. Especially, given the clandestine, and undeniable historical record of the Iranian regime for exploiting diplomatic immunity around the world, for terrorist activities, or other crimes such as assassinations! 

In this regard, it should be noted that almost all Iranian embassies in European countries, through the use of diplomatic channels, have a history of terrorist, and destructive activities. In particular, the Iranian embassy in Paris, has played a key or leading role in many of these secretive activities.

In order to raise the international awareness in regard to these type of terrorist or criminal activities, IOPHR would like to list a series of activities which have been recorded, and linked to agents affiliated with the Iranian Embassy in Paris, in which they were either directly, or indirectly involved:

  • December 1979 – Assassination of Shahriyar Shafiq, a senior Iranian naval officer
  • July 1980 – Unsuccessful assassination attempt of Shapur Bakhtiar by Anis Naghash (in which two people were killed)
  • October 1980 – Copernicus synagogue explotion in Paris (which killed 4, and 46 injured people)
  • April 1982 – Marbouf blast in Paris (one person killed, 60 injured)
  • January 1982 – Assassination of Colonel Charles Ray, US Embassy Military Attaché in Paris
  • July 1983 – Explosion at Orly Airport in Paris (8 persons killed, 55 injured)
  • February 1984 – The assassination of General Gholam Ali Oveisi and his brother in Paris
  • December 1985 – Lafayette Haussmann and H Printemps aussmann galleries explode in Paris (43 injured)
  • February 1986 Explosion at Claridge Shopping Gallery, Champs-Elysees, Paris. (One killed, eight injured)
  • February 1986 -A home bomb is found in the third-floor toilets of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (no casualties)
  • February 1986 – Explosion as a result of a fire in a bookstore on Place Saint-Michel in Paris (five injured)
  • February 1986 – Explosions on the third floor of the Forum des Halles and FNAC Sport in Paris (22 injured).
  • March 1986 – Explosion on the Paris-Lyon TGV train (9 injured)
  • March 1986 – Explosion at the Point Show Gallery on the Champs-Elysees in Paris (two killed, 29 injured)
  • March 1986 – Early discovery of a home bomb on the RER underground train station in Paris (no casualties)
  • September 1986 – Early detection of a home bomb on the RER underground train at the Etval station in Paris (no casualties)
  • September 1986 – Explosion at the Post Office 113 in the Hotel de Ville building in Paris (one killed, 21 injured)
  • September 1986 -Explosion at the Café de Casino in the Les Quatre Temps in Paris (54 injured)
  • September 1986 – Explosion at the Renault Pub, Marbeuf Street in Paris (2 killed, including a police officer, 1 injured)
  • September 1986 – Explosion at the Paris Police Command’s driving license service (one killed, 56 injured)
  • September 1986 – Explosion on René Street in Paris in front of 140 near the Tati store (seven killed, 55 injured)
  • April 1991 – Massacre of prominent lawyer Abdul Rahman Boroumand in front of his apartment in Paris
  • August 1991 – The brutal assassination of Prime Minister Shapur Bakhtiar and his secretary Soroush Katibeh in the French city of Sorén

It should also be noted that the above list only includes cases that have been definitely linked to the Iranian agents, and does not include many cases that are likely linked to Iranian agents, as well as cases that are still pending judicial process.

In this regard, the IOPHR urges the French government to immediately intensify routine security measures, and to limit the activities of the Iranian embassy in Paris, which, according to the records, has become a place for espionage, and conspiracy against democracy, and free thought.

The IOPHR also calls on all human rights activists, and experts around the world to contact the security services of their place of residence, and inform them of the history of terrorist activities, and diplomatic missions of Iranian embassies around the world, in order to warn them, and ask their respective governments to limit the activities of Iranian embassies in order to protect the security of their own citizens.

The IOPHR also draws the attention of EU officials to the recent threats of security agents against the life of Dr Azmayesh, and would like to remind them that given the records of assassinations and terrorist activities of Iranian regime in Europe, and the ongoing clandestine activities of the Iranian Regime in Europe that if they fail to stop these activities, it will only lead to more deaths and further victimization of European citizens.

Finally, IOPHR would like to remind all European governments that in a few weeks, for the first time in the history of international relations, an Iranian diplomat will be tried in a Belgian court on charges of “attempted murder of a terrorist nature” and “complicity in the actions of a terrorist group.” In this regard, the IOPHR once again urges that the destructive, and terrorist activities of the ruling regime in Iran on European soil should be immediately, and completely be curtailed, by imposing rigid diplomatic sanctions on Iranian embassies throughout Europe.

International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights
London, Berlin, Toronto and Washington
29 July 2020

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