The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) offers its deepest condolences on the sad passing of Dr. Mohammad Maleki to his family and all freedom activists.
Dr. Maleki was a gentle freedom fighter, who always chose the well-being of others over his own well-being and spent his entire life opposing enmity and oppression, and helping the oppressed.

During his presidency of the University of Tehran, he left behind a memorable record of moderation and tolerance in the history of Iran, and took a heroic stand against the cultural coup that took place in Iran, under the guise of Cultural Revolution that led to the loss of precious national cultural and educational assets. In his fight for the educational culture of his homeland, he was forced to spend five of the best years of his life in the dungeons of the despotic Iranian system that promotes ignorance and superstition.

Dr. Maleki during his life, courageously tried to promote the ideals of human rights, for which his memory will forever inspire all human rights activists.

The IOPHR once again extends its deepest condolences to Dr. Maleki’s family and all freedom activists for the loss of this gentle freedom fighter.

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