Reliable news outlets have reported the death of at least one young female student, as a result of poisoning caused by the Basiji groups affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps against a number of girls’ schools in various cities in Iran.

The reports received from confirmed sources indicate that there has been a chain of recent attacks by the Basij and militia groups affiliated with the terrorist Revolutionary Guard Corps through the use of chemical poisons on more than one hundred girls’ schools, in the cities of Qom, Borujerd, Ardebil, Sari, Quchan, Tehran, Vardanjan, Qazvin and Torbat-e-Jam. These attacks have resulted in severe poisoning of hundreds of female students and the death of at least one student named Fatemeh Rezaei, who was born in Qom.

While condemning these inhuman attacks, which are a clear example of crimes against humanity, the IOPHR would like draws the attention of all free people and human rights activists to the very important point that these crimes are yet another case of organized inhuman acts of the Iranian regime, which has a long history of conducting such inhuman acts including: the ‘chain of murders’, the chain of acid attacks, the chain of  murders in Kerman, the chain of murders known as ‘the spider murders’ in Mashhad, the serial rapes of women in Baluchistan and many other cases, all of which were orchestrated and controlled by the terrorist Revolutionary Guard Corps and with the approval of fatwas of the regime-oriented Shia authorities. 

Consequently, this time also – without any doubt – the terrorist groups affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (which itself has used chemical weapons against innocent Syrian children in the past) has once again resorted to these inhuman tactics under its implementation of ‘Al-Nasr Bal-Raeb’ policy (Suppression through inhuman acts) against innocent Iranian children.

The fact that the Revolutionary Guards has placed the family of the murdered young girl, Fatemeh Rezaei, under intense pressure, so that they spread false news about the murder of their child, is yet another undeniable sign of the role of this dangerous terrorist group in this heinous crime against Iranian children.

In this regard, while drawing the attention of all international bodies and authorities, especially the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the United Nations, the International Children’s Fund, UNICEF, and the European Union, the IOPHR would like to point to the very unusual and dangerous situation that has occurred for these Iranian children. Especially as children are innocent and vulnerable wherever they are in the world, and have no ability to defend themselves against such attacks.

Based on this, the IOPHR calls for the international community’s special attention to this situation and calls for immediate international action in order to investigate ways to protect Iranian children.

Given the above, we believe that holding a special meeting of the Human Rights Council to deal with this new inhuman crime by the Revolutionary Guards, which is yet another example of a crime against humanity, can be an important measure to protect innocent Iranian children.

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights

London, Brussels, Berlin, Toronto, Washington

1st Mar 2023

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